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1 Carat Radiant Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond

Luminus Radiant Cut Diamonds

Fusing elegance with fire the radiant cut diamond has rapidly gained popularity over the last several decades since it’s creation. The traditional radiant cut diamond introduced brilliance to step or square cut diamonds thus creating a remarkably brilliant yet exquisitely refined stone. The Luminus radiant cut loose diamond is a prized stone in the Luminus range. We have completely revolutionized this newly evolved cut to bring you a radiant cut diamond with rare and boundless brilliance.

The Luminus radiant cut loose diamond is a highly skilful and wondrous creation. We have combined the top qualities of two different shapes to bring you the brightest loose radiant diamonds of all. With the sparkle of a round cut diamond, the Luminus radiant cut loose diamond will perform far greater than traditional loose radiant diamonds for we have created infinite brilliance without compromising the surface area of the stone.

Luminus loose radiant diamonds offer a striking balance of a glamourous silhouette and eye-catching sparkle to reflect your promise or momentous occasion.