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It is our mission to uphold the legacy of the diamond and its’ reflection of purity. Through uniting our reverence for nature’s gifts and passion for innovation; we have defined new benchmarks in diamond quality and luxury.

Our collection is the cumulation of expert collaboration. World leading diamantaires together with our third-generation master diamond cutter utilized the latest in cutting edge technology to create an array of stones that have been scientifically proven to generate more light and wildly capture the senses.

At Luminus we are proud to bring you ‘Limitless Light’; we answer your search with an exquisite collection and first-rate expertise. We wish to exhibit a sincere promise of reliability and commitment to delivering excellence. Our quest to create a diamond that is truly the best, has resulted in providing an unforgettable experience to match your momentous occasion.

Elevated wonder lies in the heart of the detail

The fine art of transforming rough stones into captivating gems is an intricate affair. When light strikes; a Luminus diamond’s capacity to truly hypnotize is revealed through our masterful craftsmanship.

'Facets' are refined windows that are polished into the surface of a diamond. Each individual facet plays a highly significant role in the way light travels and bends through the three-dimensional stone. An innovative facet patterning without compromising the proportions of the diamond allowed us to optimize light performance.

A luminus diamond ensures every element is harmonized with elegance and efficiency.

Fire Unearthed

100 miles deep below the earth’s surface carbon is subject to extreme pressures and temperatures resulting in the fascinating formation of ‘the diamond.’ Risen to the earth’s surface through volcanic eruption; a diamond’s geological age is roughly between 1-3 billion years.

In order for a rough stone to undergo the ‘Luminus’ experience, it must meet the exclusive standards set by our highly skilled professionals. We utilize only premium quality rough diamonds. This is a crucial component to ensure a magnificent stone can emerge.

We guarantee that all Luminus loose diamonds are IIDGR certified. When you purchase IIDGR certified diamonds you will be provided with a lab report and certification for each stone that they examine and grade.

Brilliant Cut 4 (four)cs Of Luminus Diamonds
A collective pledge
To purchase a diamond is a universal milestone and it is our promise to fulfil this moment with integrity and beauty.