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Our collection of round cut, cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds have their own individual appeal.
Here are some of the key ingredients in each diamond that display their unique ability to make an impression.

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Luminus Cushion Cut Diamonds

With clearly defined and unique facet patterning dispersing light from the stone in a brighter and more consistent spectrum; The Luminus cushion is exceptional in its grace and elegance.

It has an elegant stance and a classy look.

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1,2 Carat Diamond
Luminus Round Cut Diamonds

Our cutting-edge technology allowed us to determine the optimum facet number to maximise the brilliance of a round diamond. After years of research the Luminus Round diamond is scientifically proven to be brighter than the traditionally cut round diamond.

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Perfect Cut Diamond
Luminus Radiant Cut Diamonds

An entirely redesigned radiant with 3 steps from table to girdle and unique faceting in the pavilion to create a square radiant like no other. This revolutionised radiant is a remarkable innovation in the world of diamonds.

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