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Perfect Brilliant Cushion Cut Loose Diamond

Luminus Cushion Cut Diamonds

The soft and elegant the cushion cut diamond has been one of the most popular shaped diamonds since the 19th century. Sleek and versatile, the cushion cut loose diamond resembles a gentle square pillow shape with a facet design that allows light to stream through in the most beautiful manner. The cushion cut diamond was originally referred to as the ‘mine cut’ after the diamond mines in Brazil, for the cut was the most efficient way to make use of the rough stone that came from these mines. Over time with an increase in popularity and the advancement in diamond cutting, the shape has evolved into the modern cushion cut loose diamond we see today. We have further revolutionized the cushion cut diamond to deliver you a stone that is far more sophisticated and romantic.

The Luminus cushion cut loose diamond has been reimagined to bring you a brighter stone without compromising the grace and tradition of the cut. We have carefully calculated the table versus depth proportions in our loose cushion diamonds to enhance light performance and beauty. The facet patterning in our loose cushion diamonds has been clearly defined and set to strict parameters to reflect and refract light in the most mesmerizing fashion. We are proud to boast our exquisite loose cushion diamonds as part of the Luminus range.