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Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond

Luminus Round Cut Diamonds

The round cut diamond is the most popular shape amongst all diamonds. The round cut diamond is a timeless wonder and steeped in historical evolution. The brilliant cut diamond was first seen in the 17th century before evolving into the ‘European Cut’ and then into the Modern round brilliant cut that has continued to advance over the last 100 years. Loose Round Diamonds were born out of the desire to find maximum sparkle and fire. We at Luminus have taken the optimization of light performance to a new level of perfection to bring you a round cut diamond with vast and infinite light.

The Luminus range of round cut loose diamonds are scientifically a cut above the rest. Through experimenting with different facet designs, we discovered that more wasn’t necessarily essential. We discovered quality and efficiency over quantity was key. The facets that make up a Luminus Round cut loose diamond are strategically placed to ensure unlimited brilliance. This exclusive diamond is only available at select stockists where you will have the opportunity to compare a regular loose round Diamonds with ‘Luminus’ loose Round Diamonds.

There is a reason why the Round cut diamond is the most popular shape amongst all diamonds and we are proud to present the Luminus Round cut loose Diamond to mark your meaningful sentiment.