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Luminus Diamond
Why Luminus?

Your milestone is our passion; whether you are buying a loose diamond for an engagement ring or significant occasion our collection is designed to reflect this undeniable sentiment. Distinct, flawless, iconic and eternal; when choosing a diamond there is a quality and elegance that must be inherent.

Every piece of rough diamond that a Luminus diamond has emerged from is guaranteed to be 100% conflict free. When you purchase a Luminus diamond you can wear your stone with pride and have comfort in knowing this natural wonder's birth place is from a legitimate source and in compliance with United Nation Resolutions.

Where to buy loose diamonds

Loose diamonds can be purchased from many different outlets. Whether it be online or in a retail store, we understand your concern with the numerous options available.

Luminus Diamonds are housed at carefully chosen top-class boutiques, to ensure a high quality and personalized service. Only these select few stockists will have access to our uniquely cut round, cushion and radiant stones.

These highly skilled diamond experts are well equipped to help and guide you through the memorable process of purchasing the perfect Luminus diamond.

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